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Christchurch Hairdressers

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True Grit


  • (03) 377 788
  • Studio 5, 77 Tuam Street
  • truegrithairspa@xtra.co.nz
  • http://www.truegrithairspa.co.nz/
  • Open Since Earthquake - last checked 25/03/2011
  • A reap-off.... 5 min work and 26$ wasted.....

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 1 years ago

    I went in here in 2015 for a trim, I very explicitly said that I wanted a tidy up , I walked in with mid waist length hair and walked out with shoulder length hair. I was devastated . Also they charged me $70 for this so called trim. Very unhappy.

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 1 years ago

Garry Sullivan Hairdressing


  • 351 5181
  • 6A Wai-Iti Tce
  • Open Since Earthquake - last checked 15/02/2012
  • Gary might be good with cutting curly hair(curly hair bounces back) but he finds it really difficult with short thick hair!I gave him three goes and then gave up! I was trimming my hair 2 weeks after he cut it,, the third time I was in the chair 7min, trimmed and charged me $190! He didn't have a clue what he was doing! I wanted a short sharp haircut I don't how some of the above comments came about maybe they had another Gary Sullivan or he is writing his own!!!!

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 1 years ago

    Garry is the best hairdresser I've had in New Zealand and I've been here over 12 years. Most attractive cuts and colour. I just leave it in his hands and its turns out great every time! Thanks Garry!!

    Comment by: Katie Brown, posted 3 years ago

Huntsbury Hair


  • (03) 332 2205
  • 236A Centaurus Rd, Huntsbury
  • Open Since Earthquake - last checked 1/11/2011
  • Well don't believe all you read!!
    Very stunned to see negative comments of my hairdresser whom ive followed around for years now.
    Shes been hairdressing for over 20 years now.
    Winning awards for her work and colour work also and doing overseas training sessions.
    My foils and all my friend colours have been amazing and cuts with never any instant regrowth at all.
    Not only is she an amazing hairdresser but a lovley lady also..

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 2 years ago

    Our family and friends have been going to huntsbury hair for 7 years now.al amazing colourists and cutters.great atmos and gd prices.would recomend anyone to see al 3 stylists there.

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 2 years ago

Rodney Wayne South City - Christchurch


  • (03) 961 8133
  • 555 Colombo Street
  • http://www.rodneywayne.co.nz/
  • Open Since Earthquake - last checked
  • Hours
  • Great service!! The team was very helpful and understanding after having to reschedule a few times. Very friendly staff. My hairdresser was great - Claire. She listened to what I wanted and also talked to me about what would be best for my hair also. I did not feel rushed, a very relaxing environment.

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 3 years ago

Evolve Hair


  • (03) 385-3440
  • 199 Marshland Road
  • http://www.evolvehair.co.nz
  • Open Since Earthquake - last checked 2/03/2011
  • Hours
  • Terrible. Asked to have my hair coloured from blonde to light brown, and they give me red! So disappointed.

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 2 years ago

    regarding Tracy- good colourist but too far from the roots. went to a new hairdresser and colour super close without colour bleeding! means another 2 weeks with your colour looking good!!

    Comment by: Could be better, posted 3 years ago

Headspace Hair


  • (03) 366 1896
  • 7/245 St Asaph St
  • http://www.headspacehair.co.nz/
  • Used to be Niq James Hairdressing
  • Open Since Earthquake - last checked 25/08/2011

Bensons Hair & Beauty Salon


  • +64 3 348 2764
  • Store 21, 145 Riccarton Rd
  • Open After EQ: unknown
  • Hours
  • Wasnt happy with the result of my hair, wanted some chunks of colour through out my hair to lighten it up a bit, a good couple hours later it was ''done''.. 4 tiny strips of ginger hair under neath my layers..i was left sitting doin nothing for an hour and a half while my hair was bleached. Finally he came back to finish it and put a toner in for less than 5min and rushed me out the door as they were closing!! Place was nicely presented but ill definitly never go back. Ew!

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 3 years ago

    Great at colours, unfortunately the hair cut was terrible, I was left with long strands and was that gutted did not return to have it redone. I felt that i was pushed through quickly to get out the door, an expensive experience I won't be repeating

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 3 years ago

Jgb Hair Design


  • 3 Kennedys Bush Road
  • Open Since Earthquake - last checked

Synergy Hairdressing


  • +64 3 348 8837
  • Store 131 145 Riccarton Road
  • Open After EQ: unknown
  • Hours
  • cool vibe, really friendly staff with good banter and my colour was spot on. salon was cramped, had to keep moving my legs when i was being washed off and they ran out of seats. for the amount i payed i would of expected to feel more pampered and although i was happy with my colour i left feeling frazzled because of rush everyone seemed to be in. thanks but wont be back.

    Comment by: cheree, posted 12 months ago

    decided to walk in on a whim for a quick trim and the ladies at the desk were so friendly and welcoming. They offered me a drink and assured me my stylist would be with me shortly. I was taken through to the salon where my hairdresser sat with me and asked how i felt about my cut and my hair routine. after a good chat i had the best shampoo and condition and the lady gave me such a great cut that i booked back in with her for colour. the ladies are all so lovely and you are definitely made to feel special its just unfortunate that the salon is very small for all the staff there and my hairdresser had to keep moving to get out of peoples way which was constantly annoying. The overall experience was great.

    Comment by: Sarah , posted 2 years ago

Ginger Meggs


  • (03) 355 9014
  • 7 St Albans Street, Merivale
  • http://www.gingermeggs.co.nz/
  • Closed due to Earthquake - last checked 23/06/2016
  • Great cut, and took the time to curl it beautifully!
    Friendly service.

    Comment by: Chelsa, posted 3 years ago

Phase 1 Hair Design


  • 163B Yaldhurst Rd
  • Open Since Earthquake - last checked 30-3-11
  • Sounds like they're writing their own recommendations!

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 4 years ago

    Phase one is great! I have found Alicia the best for my hair does a great job. Love going in and having a catch up with the girls there I always have a smile on my face coming out of the door!

    Comment by: , posted 5 years ago

Millie Brown Limited

  • 213A Waimairi Road
  • Open After EQ: unknown

Halo Hair Design

  • 268A Stanmore Rd
  • Open After EQ: unknown

Hair Sense

  • 97 Riccarton Road
  • Open After EQ: unknown
  • Great place - use them all the time.

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 6 years ago

Visage Hair Company

  • (03) 348 3828
  • 102 Riccarton Road
  • Open After EQ: unknown
  • Amazing!! Have been going here for ten years now and used various stylists. No complaints and really well priced!

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 2 years ago

Reform Hairdressing

  • 94 Riccarton Road
  • Was called Mister Snipps
  • Open After EQ: unknown
  • Worst hairdressers I've ever been to. Very unprofessional, ruined my hair and ended up having to come back the next day to get it fixed only for it to be worse than the previous day. Thank god they are closed down is all I can say.

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 1 years ago

    went to reform hairdressing twice, first time was great, i had just a cut and few foils with rhian, then went back for some foils and a new cut and it was the worst experience ever, the ladies are not nice and it felt like they were trying to rush to get it done as fast as possible. the foils were very patchy and looked awful, not to mention done an inch away from the scalp! will not return nor do recommend for anyone else

    Comment by: Jessica, posted 2 years ago

Savvy Hair Design

  • 176A Selwyn St
  • Open After EQ: unknown
  • I found the girls to be catty , not much attention to detail taken , pricing was fair but would not recommend to any one .

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 2 years ago

    Lovely owner/stylist and I always walk out feeling fab :)

    Comment by: Karen, posted 6 years ago

Sassy Hair

Sutherland Todd Hairdressing

  • 181 Papanui Road
  • Open After EQ: unknown

Mister Snipps

  • 256 Barrington St
  • Open After EQ: unknown

Ginger Meggs - Ballantynes

  • (03) 372 5667
  • Ballantynes Contemporary Lounge, Level 1, 633 Colombo Street
  • http://www.gingermeggs.co.nz/
  • Open After EQ: unknown
  • My cut and colour were really well done, I have fine hair and was pleased with the fine foils as well.

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 3 years ago

    Had a grab1 voucher. 1st time a good experience with lovely hairdressers.
    2nd time went to Withells Road. Colour good (foils) but only through the top so is not great value and the grey is very prominent around the sides and back Then I had the top stylist do the cut ! He kind of cut bits off in places and left it in others which took about 2 mins. Kind of did a strange massage during drying and left it looking like a birds nest. ! Others in the salon looked very amused. I was in shock and more so when he charged me for a full cut !!!!!I With a $50 voucher it still cost $175 !!. I am 67 years old and he was trying to give me a messy young style, What a disappointment . My hair needed a good cut and I was very excited to get the top man .What was he thinking and why didn't he just look at me and see it did NOT LOOK GOOD. very embarrassing to go out for lunch looking like an idiot ,bits sticking out in all directions
    NEVER AGAIN/ I had to go to another hairdresser and get it cut properly.

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 4 years ago

Streaks Ahead Hair Shoppe

  • 97 Epsom Rd
  • Open After EQ: unknown

Star Style

  • 26 Breezes Rd
  • Open Since Earthquake - last checked 25.10.16
  • Wonderful service. Now in Briarmont St, Avondale.

    Comment by: Anonymous, posted 1 years ago

Soho Hair Styling

  • 203 Tuam Street
  • Open After EQ: unknown

Pixie's Barbers

  • (03) 377 5723
  • 247 Ferry Road
  • Open After EQ: unknown
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